Reusing every drop.

We envision a 100% circular water system where every drop of water worldwide is reused.

We're heading towards a water crisis.

Droughts have become common; our basins are drying up. In just the past two years, the average cost of a water bill in the US shot up 10%, and is predicted to continue to increase even more.

Currently, 93.5 million people experienced the effects of drought this past week—and had limited access to water. Despite all this, we waste 192,200,000,000 gallons of water in the US per year. This is a result of only 7% of wastewater in the US which could be reused, is actually getting reused.

Current methods aren't effective.

Mixed Wastewater

Since the water that goes to wastewater treatment facilities is mixed together, it takes more resources and energy to separate the greywater from the black water.

Filtration Costs

Current centralized and decentralized wastewater plants use complex systems that require many expensive, and often times inefficient, processes.

Methane Emissions

7% of global methane emissions come from wastewater treatment plants globally. This amounts 39,900,000 Tonnes of Methane Emissions

Our mission:

Recycle all wastewater from households with minimal cost and maintenance.

How Everdrop works


Urine diverting toilet

The urine diverting toilet physically separates urine from feces. This is much more cost effective than the conventional approach of separating them chemically.


Feces → Activated Carbon

Hydroxide Potassium turns your feces into activated carbon to fuel your water filter, lowering costs of the overall system significantly.


Activated Carbon → Clean water

The activated carbon filter along with UV Light and sedimentation, purifies wastewater to drinking water standards, with low maintenance.

Experts we've spoken with.

Barron Sawyer Industrial Sales Manager at Swirltex

Fernando Ramirez Managing director at Hydraloop

Bradley Pfingsten Sales Technician at Hydraloop

Orianna Bretschger CEO of Aquacycl

Marc Rico Director Of Business Development at Hydraloop


Explore and learn more about how Everdrop's plans to recycle wastewater from households at low to no cost or maintenance.



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